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ChatGPT and AI course for Architecture (AEC)

Learn to use ChatGPT and AI tools as an architect or architecture professional to be more productive, from design to construction.

Automate boring tasks and design better projects.

Learn which AI in AEC software to use to help in the workflows you do every day.

I am preparing a course to start with ChatGPT and AI in AEC. Leave your email so that I can notify when I launch in march 2023!

Want to leverage AI in AEC now?

If you have specific needs and want to go fast with AI, I can definitely give you some insight and help you jump start with AI in AEC and ChatGPT for Architecture.

Sébastien Lucas - ChatGPT & AI in AEC expert

I am a French Architect & developer passionate about the revolution of AI applied to Architecture & Construction.

I can help you double your productivity while designing better projects leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Agility in your organization.

👋 Connect with me on LinkedIn!